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What is the meaning of Climate Smart Agriculture?

As we all know that present ay agriculture is chemical incentive. Due to heavy usage of chemical inputs there has been a heavy loss of organic carbon content of soil and related loss of biodiversity. The organic carbon content of the soil decides the productivity and profitability of the and so also biodiversity (Various kinds microbes, earthworms, and all the life forms in soil and atmosphere).Before these damages all the life forms were living in harmony providing food and shelter to each other for their safe survival. Due to loss of these both most important needs of all life forms came in to crisis when there is unbearable change in climate particularly temperature. Temperature rise has made all the life forms difficult to survive/reproduce including Agricultural crops. The scientist all over the globe are now working on to make the agriculture survivable, sustainable, make them able to produce as usual or with increased productivity. During this work the scientists have worked out some recommendation to alter the present day Agriculture cultivation practices and named them as ADAPTATIONS. These scientific workers found that the agri. beneficial microbes an important role to make agri. crop survival, will get an extra strength to face and fight the climate change damaging effects. And those recommendations OR ADAPTATIONS are termed as CLIMATE SMART AGRICULTURE.

Of course Ag. Biological inputs ie. Beneficial microbes is not the only the solution of the crisis but regarded as one of the major solution to combat the issue effectively.

Our company presently use Ag. Beneficial microbes ie. Climate smart microbes on the member farmers farms and visualizing their benefits on the farms by implementing this `need of the hour Ag. Technology’

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