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In House Quality Control Laboratory

Our company is equipped with in-house quality control laboratory. The quality control system is run by highly qualified post graduate technically experts in Microbiology/Biotechnology disciplines. Each batch is tested as per quality norms in force. There is continuous up gradation of to improve the quality on microbial strain selection front, carrier selection and improvement and all other parameters like scientific packing etc. Common tests like Nodulation for atmospheric nitrogen fixation test, Phosphate, Potash, Zinc solubilisation tests are among the routine in In-house Testing Laboratory.

Research & Development / Innovation:

On Farm Training/ Innovation of Microbial Composting Technology

We specialize in innovation of Microbial composting technology particularly in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Our company has been offered to work as trainer institute to train tribal farmers in Marathwada. The company has trained about 1500 both male and female farmers during above training at Marathwada University Campus, Aurangabad. The occasion was co executed by our company and renowned spiritual organic agriculture organization-Art of Living, Bangalore.

  • Our company has successfully innovated microbial composting technology in Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India
  • We are the approved trainer for microbial composting technology. We have trained about 1500 tribal farmers through Tribal Well fare Department, Government of Maharashtra, India. The training program was co-executed with well-known organic farming/spiritual organization Art Of Living,Banglore,India.
  • Our company pioneer to demonstrate In Situ composting of Suagarcane trash,Banana pseudostem,and agrowaste from maize, Soybean, bajra, jowar,tur,Mung,urd.
  • Currently , we are working on microbial composting of cattle waste and all kinds of organic agrowaste OR urban waste.

The above said Microbial Composting Technology comprises of following components.

1) Pit method Microbial composting technology.
2) Hip Method Microbial technology.
3) K-Ferts Method of composting by inoculating microbial solution by making holes manually on compost hips.
4) Liquid Slurry Composting.
5) In-Situ Microbial composting of sugarcane trash.
6) In-Situ Microbial composting of Banana Pseudostem.
7) Microbial composting of all kinds of Agro waste like Soyabean agro waste and agro waste from Tur, Mung, Urd, Chana, Turmeric, Bajra, Maize, Cow dung Cattle waste and all kinds of compostable agro wastes.

This technology is need of the hour as the soils globe over has been heavily depleted by organic carbon content. Soil all over the globe is lossing the soil biodiversity with unimaginable speed along with the soil organic carbon content which is essential to maintain the total food web of soil biodiversity.

Sales & Marketing::

The company mainly employs methods of digital marketing through B2B, B2C and directly on farm with face to face with farmers. Our Aim is to create the commercial and technological trust in the minds of the farmers globe over. Therefore we try our best to deliver the technology by attending / giving our services on field and face to face with farmers and concerned.

The company has LinkedIn & Facebook company pages with all the required information. The company is attached to well known digital finance platform i.e. Jai Kisan for lending loans to the farmers against the purchase of the products of our company.

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