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(Azotobacter chroococcum sp.)

Nitrogen is most important nutrient in plant nutrition management. Atmosphere contains about 78% of Nitrogen. This Nitrogen can not be utilized by crops. In soil there are some useful bacteria which can make available (fix) this atmospheric Nitrogen for the crops. The product BIOFERT-A is manufactured from such useful bacteria. The product BIOFERT-A contains bacteria named Azotobacter chroococcum sp. which fixes atmospheric Nitrogen through roots of the crops.

  • Increase in germination Percentage.
  • Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen thus saving on Nitrogenous Fertilizers.
  • Releases growth promoting substances there by enhances Initial vigor of seedlings.
  • Gives Resistance to crops against Fungal Diseases.
  • Improves Fertility of the soil by adding nitrogen in the soil.
  • Enables to develop strong root system of the crops.

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