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(Phosphate solubilising fungal biofertilizer)

The product contains Fungal Microbes to solubilise insoluble phosphates in the soil as well as are able to decompose various kinds of Biomass and Agro-Wastes. The Microbes in the products secretes various enzymes and weak organic acids to solubilise insoluble phosphates in the soil and cellulolytic and Lignolytic enzymes to degrade the Biomass. The product helps to improve the health of soil by converting Biomass into good quality compost and play a vital role to provide balanced nutrition to the crop. It also suppresses the multiplication of harmful pathogens.Compostex product is very much important to improve the soil health.

  • Solubilises insoluble phosphates in the soil.
  • Effectively decomposes Biomass fastly.
  • Suppresses harmful pathogens in the soil.
  • Improves the soil health and successfully sustains and works effectively though the rising temparatures due to climate change effect.

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