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(Rhizobium sp.)

In Plant nutrition, Nitrogen is most important nutrient. Atmosphere contains about 78% of Nitrogen. This Nitrogen can not be utilized by crops. In soil there are some useful bacteria which can make available (fix) this atmospheric Nitrogen to the crops. The Rhizobium sp.in the product BIOFERT-R enters in the roots and forms nodules on the roots and fix atmospheric Nitrogen. There are specific Rhizobium Strains for different Crops. We manufacture crop specific strains for Soybean, Gram, Groundnut, Tur, Mung, Urd etc.

  • Increase in germination Percentage.
  • Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen thus saving on Nitrogenous Fertilizers.
  • Releases growth promoting substances there by enhances Initial vigor of seedlings.
  • Gives Resistance to crops against Fungal Diseases.
  • Improves Fertility of the soil by adding nitrogen in the soil.
  • Enables to develop strong root system of the crops.

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